[Talk-cl] Mapping colectivo routes

Daniel Glöckner daniel-gl en gmx.net
Sab Dic 1 14:32:51 UTC 2018


sorry for writing in English, but unfortunately my Spanish is not good
enough to express myself properly. It's ok if you answer in Spanish.

The few times I was in Chile visiting relatives, I noticed that the
primary way to travel distances that are slightly too long to walk
is to take a colectivo. I was told they have to drive on specific
routes attached to their licenses. The locals just know where they
are driving but for tourists like me there is no information. Searching
on the internet all I could find about the routes are 7 years old PDFs
on www.subtrans.cl that list the number of the lines, the communities
and the responsible companies and the website www.ubicatucolectivo.cl
that overlays Google Maps with a clickable polygon for each line. But
it looks like the site with the maps has not been maintained in a long

So I was wondering, are there any attempts to add information about
colectivo routes to OpenStreetMap? Is there any up to date official
information about the routes? And if one was about to add information,
what would be the correct tag values? route=bus?

Best regards,


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