[Talk-cl] Mapping colectivo routes

Cristián Serpell cserpell en gmail.com
Jue Ene 31 12:21:52 UTC 2019

Hola Daniel.

The few times I was in Chile visiting relatives, I noticed that the
> primary way to travel distances that are slightly too long to walk
> is to take a colectivo. I was told they have to drive on specific
> routes attached to their licenses. The locals just know where they
> are driving but for tourists like me there is no information. Searching
> on the internet all I could find about the routes are 7 years old PDFs
> on www.subtrans.cl that list the number of the lines, the communities
> and the responsible companies and the website www.ubicatucolectivo.cl
> that overlays Google Maps with a clickable polygon for each line. But
> it looks like the site with the maps has not been maintained in a long
> time.

La verdad es que es díficil encontrar más información que esa en internet.
Yo no he visto más. Incluso para recorridos de buses, la información suele
estar desactualizada.

So I was wondering, are there any attempts to add information about
> colectivo routes to OpenStreetMap? Is there any up to date official
> information about the routes? And if one was about to add information,
> what would be the correct tag values? route=bus?

No lo sé, vamos qué opinan los demás.

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