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Vie Oct 29 12:22:11 UTC 2021

Hello Oisin
The Chilean community mainly talks all its issues in the Telegram chat in
this link: https://t.me/OSMcl

There we can explain to you this thing that makes a lot of non-Chilean
mappers ask the same question every time they try to understand how the
Chilean street names work.

I´ll try to do my best now, but it is highly recommended that you join the

1) the word "Calle" is almost never present in the name of the streets. It
is often stated as that in some digital and official sources, but it is
never on the street sign or in how the people refer to the street.

two main exceptions:

1.1) When a street is a number (e.g: Calle 1, Calle 2) or when it is a
"possessive" name (e.g: Calle del Viento, Calle del Sur)

1.2) Even though the word "Calle" might be present in the street sign, it
is almost never used. It is kind of a legal issue regarding residential
projects that it is not very useful to explain here, not to mention that I
am not well aware of its details also.

This explains 95% of the naming regarding the "Calle" word. Of course,
additional exceptions might be found and you are welcome to show them to us
in the Telegram chat

2) Avenida and Pasaje are names that are often given considering the
physical conditions of the highway, but a lot of exceptions are known.

So, for practical purposes, consider it like that: A word in the name. not
a status nor a type.

And if you look closely in Santiago. it is a real mess due to an import
made years ago in which they mixed everything. Actually, we are working on
normalizing this.

The word Pasaje might be mandatory if the numbering is the pattern (Pasaje,
1, Pasaje 2, etc...)

If the street sign says Avenida or Pasaje, then you must add it to OSM as
part of the name. But keep in mind that people might not use it when
referring to then, so it is easy to find an Avenida or Pasaje, with POIS in
it where the addr:street does not have the Avenida or Pasaje in it, and
that is because the person who added that POI doesn´t use the Avenida or
Pasaje on it even though the sign and/or official name of the street
contains it.

3) Bonus. Additional names: imagine an Avenida Oisin Herriott exists.
People might talk about this in several ways (e.g Avenida Herriott,
Herriott, Oisin Herriott, etc..) so you might find all of those in OSM. Our
job is to reduce them to the name in the street sign in the first instance
or the official name if the street sign imagery is not available.

You can even find a street sign containing a word that is not present in
the street sign next block, so then you have to refer to the official name.

For this confusion, it is important that you join the chat: A lot of
problems are avoided talking with the local community and a lot of mappers
will respond almost immediately to all of your questions

regards and I hope this helps

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> From: "Oisin Herriott (Insight Global Inc)" <v-oiher en microsoft.com>
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> Subject: [Talk-cl] Nombres de Calles en Chile
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> Saludos,
> Mi nombre es Oisin Herriott y soy parte del equipo de Open Maps en
> Microsoft. Somos un pequeño equipo editorial que trabaja para mejorar el
> OSM siempre que sea posible.
> Los proyectos en los que estamos trabajando y en los que hemos trabajado
> anteriormente se pueden encontrar en nuestro github aquí.<
> https://github.com/Microsoft/Open-Maps/issues>
> Estamos activos en Chile, donde me comuniqué con la comunidad en la página
> de Facebook y la lista de charlas sobre nuestros proyectos en Chile, que se
> puede encontrar en nuestra página de Github aquí<
> https://github.com/microsoft/Open-Maps/issues/61>. Tenía una pregunta
> para usted y espero que pueda ayudarme a comprender algunos de los nombres
> de las carreteras en Chile OSM.
> En muchas áreas, he visto ejemplos en los que los "tipos" de nombres de
> calles no se aplican al nombre de la carretera en Chile. Por ejemplo,
> "Pasaje" que se encuentra en un punto de dirección contiene "dirección:
> calle = Pasaje Volcán El Mocho" (nodo = 1281606825), y la calle tiene
> "nombre = Volcán El Mocho". (way = 173387983), por lo que no hay "Pasaje"
> presente en el nombre de la calle. Es similar en este barrio con 'Pasaje'
> en algunos nombres de calles, pero no en otros (way = 47567942). Tengo
> curiosidad por saber si hay un propósito / razón para estas diferencias en
> la denominación de las carreteras. Hemos encontrado muchos casos similares
> a este en los que los puntos de dirección con "dirección: calle" contenían
> nombres con "Pasaje" (nodo = 1260807818). Hay otros ejemplos en los que
> "Avenida" no está en el nombre de la calle, pero existe en la dirección:
> calle = * nombre, por ejemplo. Nodo = 1249942444 (?Avenida Simón Bolívar?)
> y vía = 24337715 (?Simón Bolívar?).
> Hay otros ejemplos con "Calle" no incluidos en el nombre de la calle, pero
> incluidos en un punto de dirección. Tengo curiosidad por no usar "Calle",
> "Avenida" o "Pasaje" en algunos nombres de calles y no en otros.
> Cualquier ayuda que pueda proporcionar sería muy bienvenida. También
> publicamos aquí cómo detectamos algunas de estas diferencias de nombre en
> un desafío de ruleta de mapas<
> https://maproulette.org/browse/challenges/21004>.
> Disculpas por mi terrible traducción automática al español.
> ¡Gracias!
> (Original message in English)
> My name is Oisin Herriott and I am part of the Open Maps team at
> Microsoft. We are a small editorial team working to improve the OSM where
> possible.
> The projects we are working on, and have worked on previously can be found
> on our github here.<https://github.com/microsoft/Open-Maps/issues/61>
> We are active in Chile, where I contacted the community on the facebook
> page and talk list about our projects in Chile, which can be found on our
> Github page here<https://github.com/microsoft/Open-Maps/issues/61>. I had
> a question for you, and I hope you can help me understand some of the road
> naming in Chile OSM.
> In many areas I have seen examples where street name ?types? are not
> applied to the road name in Chile. For example, ?Pasaje? found in an
> address point contains ?addr:street= Pasaje Volcán El Mocho? (node=
> 1281606825), and the street has ?name= Volcán El Mocho?. (way= 173387983),
> so no ?Pasaje? present on the streetname. It is similar in this
> neighborhood with ?Pasaje? in some street names, but not others (way=
> 47567942). I am curious if there is a purpose/reason for these differences
> in the road naming? We have found many cases similar to this where address
> points with ?addr:street? contained names with ?Pasaje? (node= 1260807818).
> There are other examples where ?Avenida? is not in the street name, but
> does exist in the addr:street=* name, eg. Node= 1249942444 (?Avenida Simón
> Bolívar?) and way= 24337715   (?Simón Bolívar?).
> There are other examples with ?Calle? not included in the Streetname, but
> included in an address point. I am curious about not using ?Calle?,
> ?Avenida?, or ?Pasaje? in some street names and not others?
> Any help you could provide would be very welcome. We also published how we
> detected some of these name differences in a Map roulette challenge here<
> https://maproulette.org/browse/challenges/21004>.
> Apologies for my terrible Spanish auto translation ?
> Thank you!
> Oisin
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