[Talk-co] [UN SPIDER] Final Call - Expert Meeting: Crowdsource Mapping for Preparedness and Emergency Response 5-6 July 2011

Fredy Rivera fredyrivera en gmail.com
Vie Mayo 20 21:04:45 BST 2011

Source: David Stevens by way of Santiago Borrero

Dear Colleagues,

This is a final call for all those interested in applying and be
considered to be invited to this first expert meeting. Deadline for
application is 31st May 2011.

Information can be found at http://www.un-spider.org/crowdsource-mapping

We did want to thank the more than 100 applicants that have already
applied. These applications are already being reviewed by the Organizing
Committee. We are looking for very specifc profiles to bring together
for this first discussion: more specifically we are aiming at bringing
together 30 leading experts representing crowd-sourcing communities,
space agencies, disaster management and civil protection agencies, NGOs,
private companies, and regional and international organizations. If you
are an expert currently working in any of the relevant areas (disasters,
crowd-source mapping, space-based information) and would like to
participate in the meeting please do consider applying. We are looking
for experts that either already work with crowdsource mapping or have
been considering how their work could leverage on this opportunity
(specifically for disaster risk reduction and emergency and humanitarian

For this first expert meeting we will be focusing on getting a feedback
from experts from the disaster management community regarding how
information has to be generated and/or tailored to ensure that it can be
used effectively; on novel potential applications and products which
could be elaborated by the crowd-sourcing communities that can support
preparedness and emergency response, and; how to build upon existing
solutions to facilitate the sharing of information to the emergency
management community. Additionally, we will also be discussing
strategies on how to adequately address intellectual property and
copyright concerns.

This programme is still being elaborated and if you would like throw in
your thoughts please join us at the following Google Group:


Thanks again for the extraordinary interest in this event and we are
sure the end result will benefit the work we all carry out together.

And please do forward this e-mail to any expert you personally know and
that you think should be involved in this event



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