[Talk-co] Mapero del HOT en Colombia

hyances en gmail.com hyances en gmail.com
Lun Nov 7 15:44:59 GMT 2011

Estimados maperos:

Se encuentra en el país Sebastien Pierrel, mapero del HOT.  Anda de periplo
y ahora está en Manizales, pregunta por el mapeo en la zona de la reciente
tragedia (el usuario responsable del área es manchito).

Si alguno de ustedes se encuentra cerca de Manizales a lo mejor podrán
mostrar lo bueno de la hospitalidad colombiana y encontrarse con él (y su


Humberto Yances

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Hola Humberto_Yances,

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asunto Re: Thanks for mapping in Cartagena:

Hi Humberto,

it's a pity I didn't announce myself. It would have been nice to meet
you in Cartagena!
Yes it's a good idea to send a message to talk-co. I've subscribe but
my spanish is very limited...

I arrived in Manizales tonight, planning to stay a couple of days. It
seems pretty well mapped already.

I'll see if I can find some time to look at the flooded area, but I
try not to spend too much time on the computer. How about the mudslide
in Manizales (Cervantes)? Is it something to map? Are there other
areas affected similarly? I've got very little information on that
matter so far.


On 2011-11-04 12:51:12 UTC Humberto_Yances wrote:

On 2011-11-04 00:39:31 UTC WingedStone wrote: Hi Sebastian, I'm in
Cartagena. If you agree I can send a message to talk-co list, maybe you can
meet some mappers around your trip in Colombia. Yes! Is still active due to
La Niña phenom is present since september 8, some cities and towns were
flooded nearly one month ago and risk is imminent until february 2012.
Cheers, Humberto Yances hyances en gmail.com

Hi Humberto! On 2011-11-03 12:52:39 UTC Humberto_Yances wrote:

Thank you for mapping aroud Cartagena http://bit.ly/cartagena_col

My pleasure! ;) I didn't do much in Cartagena actually. I found more things
to fix around Santa Marta and Tunja. I'm traveling through Colombia with my
girlfriend and occasionally doing some mapping here and there... We're
currently in Medellín and in the coming days moving on to Manizales and
Cali regions for a few more days before heading to Ecuador.

I'm a HOT mapper too, focused in Colombia [1][2].

I had not realized there was such a need of mapping in Colombia. Is this
active? Where are you based btw? Cheers, Sébastien a.k.a WingedStone.
email: sebastien.pierrel en gmail.com


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