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Vie Ago 22 15:36:10 UTC 2014

He aquí una lista actualizada de enlaces y fuentes de interés para mapéros de todo el mundo con el tema de la Crisis del Ebola

Mensaje re-enviado comienza aquí.   Saludos.  B.

From: WWHGD Support3 <support3 en wwhgd.org>
Date: August 22, 2014 at 6:23:12 AM EDT
To: WWHGD Support <support en wwhgd.org>
Cc: ryan_terri en bah.com, kurtz_kevin en bah.com, Eric Rasmussen <RasmussenE en gmail.com>
Subject: Update: Ebola Crisis Data Call

We would like to thank our members for the positive
reception of our Ebola Data call. 


We have listed the links on our website, WWHGD.org (click
the Ebola banner after logging in). In addition to the data links provided
earlier in the week, we now have more sources to share:




Edit to the ArcGIS Links: http://www.arcgis.com/home/group.html?owner=jshoultzDRP&title=2014%20West%20Africa%20Ebola%20Outbreak


http://www.wiredhealthresources.net/mod-ebola.html (via
Gary Selnow, WiRED


(via Andy Tatem)


; http://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/
; http://sedac.ciesin.columbia.edu/
; http://www.opentopography.org/
(via Doug Hanchard, Rapid
Response Consulting; WikiStrat)


(via Ashley Moran University of Texas – Robert Strauss Center)


>From OCHA and partners:

Situation Reports :

     Liberia : http://bit.ly/1tuW9In

     Nigeria: http://bit.ly/1mqpIa1

      Fact sheets : 

     ECHO Crisis Flash 24 – West Africa : http://bit.ly/1kYlsmu

     CDC - Fact Sheet #2 : http://bit.ly/VGNBTz

      OCHA Dashboards :

     Guinea : http://bit.ly/1tlv9gj

     Liberia : http://bit.ly/1sXJPn2

     Sierra Leone : http://bit.ly/1z7EeJf

      Visuals :

     CDC - USG Programs for Ebola Outbreak : http://bit.ly/1qtXQTv

     OCHA - Regional Ebola Crisis Monitoring : http://bit.ly/1we1x85

      OCHA Reference Maps :

     Guinea : http://bit.ly/1rozG2X

     Nigeria : http://bit.ly/1tv06wE

Please continue to share with the WWHGD so that we may
update the membership with data knowledge.-WWHGD Support Team





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