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Pátek Březen 7 10:47:42 UTC 2014

Hi, All

On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 03:04:53PM +0100, Dalibor Jelínek wrote:

> Serge,
> really? I was not aware that I am importing anything.
> If you have those last three imports in mind, then I was
> merely tracing RUIAN a Cadastre map by hand.
> Is that an import?

Dalibor, I "imported" thousands of buildings from RUIAN also ;-))).

> But I have an unpleasant feeling that you are just try bullying me
> as I did not like your insensitive and offensive comments about the borders
> and history of my country.

It touches me also, i think, Czech republic exists for a longer time then OSM,
so ...
Let's stop this (off)-topic.

I made test import into my APIDB. There are four changesets at
http://mapapi.propsychology.cz/user/pedro/history , everyone can check,
if the data are merged properly.

We welcome _relevant_ comments. If the comments will be not relevant, we'll
start the import, because we fulfilled all requirements.


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