[Talk-cz] [Imports] CzechAddress Import

Petr Vejsada osm na propsychology.cz
Úterý Březen 11 00:43:04 UTC 2014

Hi, All,

Dne Pá 7. března 2014 11:47:42, osm na propsychology.cz napsal(a):

> I made test import into my APIDB. There are four changesets at
> http://mapapi.propsychology.cz/user/pedro/history , everyone can check,
> if the data are merged properly.

Currently is our database offline. We're loading current osm data and preparing 
the DB for the import.

At this last moment, we decided to respect recomendation from this mailing 
list and we replaced tag suburb with tag borough. It's more accurate. We can't 
use tag district, because district is reserved for much bigger regions called 
"okres". Czech republic is divided to 77 "districts" or "okresu", but we don't 
use "district" (okres) in this import, because it's really not needed. 
Districts (okresy) have well defined boundaries and Nominatim can use them 

We'll write notes about the import to discussion page at 
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Import_adres_z_RUIAN .

We expect to start the import on end of this week.


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