[talk-cz] editace v porcelánu - kudy dál?

Jan Martinec jan na martinec.name
Čtvrtek Duben 1 14:34:04 UTC 2021

>> Jo, je to tam, aby si Piskvor uvědomil, že akorát naštve ostatní a ty 
>> chyby na mapě ať si potom opravuje sám. Třeba jako nejlepší krizový 
>> manager, taková krize tu fakt ještě nebyla.

FYI: to otevřené přiznání vandalismu byla poslední kapka, report DWG 
odeslán, viz níže. Napsal jsem mu to do komentu, aby o tom věděl taky.


I regret to report the user HaPe-CZ for vandalism.

Their edits and other interactions are increasingly problematic, and 
attempts to explain the OTG principle in changeset comments or to 
discuss on talk-cz na openstreetmap.org (OSM mailing list for the Czech 
Republic, where the edits took place) are unsuccessful.

Their current actions are, I believe, not in good faith, disruptive to 
the community, and to the map.

Background: they started out a few months ago with armchair mapping; 
they had minor issues with people (including me) mapping from recent 
surveys, and those were resolved amicably (they used ortophoto, which 
was slightly outdated and didn't have OTG data e.g. from traffic signs, 
which led to some editing conflicts in the technical sense - e.g. "JOSM 
complains of conflict").

Unfortunately, they have now decided to map their wishes (e.g. cyclists 
are not supposed to use roads), where contradicting the situation OTG 
(official cycling route exists and is posted as such): In a recent 
changeset, they decided that some cycling routes (well mapped from OTG 
surveys) ought not exist, because they don't like them, and discussion 
only led to them becoming more insistent (in other words: a route is, in 
reality, bifurcated into a pedestrian-cyclist shared path, and a public 
street. This is, in HaPe-CZ's opinion, illogical, and even though it 
exists, they removed the bifurcated route from OSM, as only one should 
be enough, in their opinion.).


I have later reverted this cycling route relation change to match the 
situation in terrain; this has led to them starting to delete nearby 
objects which were edited by me recently.

The revert of the relation[2]:

As quoted in talk-cz, they now seem to be PM-ing unrelated people about 
the revert[2], even alleging their (HaPe-CZ's) current actions are done 
to spite me personally (?).

The vandalism, under the guise of "this doesn't exist, despite evidence 
from survey, photos, Mapillary and ortophotomaps," seems to be aimed at 
whatever I edited, and continues to flood my old changesets with 
"illogical, therefore figment of your imagination, prove this":

On further inspection, this is not their first such incident - erasing 
cycling infrastructure that OTG exists already happened here earlier, 
found via their changeset comments:


Also, they currently are editing in great volume, without regard for 
previous edits, breaking relations and leaving abruptly-broken edits - 
"I have edited, everybody did it wrong previously, not fixing", with the 
explanation "it is Piskvor's fault how I map":



To summarize, they

1. delete where features provably exist, even repeatedly

2. refuse to admit OTG evidence, preferring to map their personal beliefs

3. regard any discussion or disagreement as a personal attack, be it in 
CS comments, or in mailing lists

4. flood the map with things that are their monologue rather than map 

I am at wit's end here, and have no further ideas on solving this; 
although their previous contributions are valuable, their current 
behavior is quite the opposite; please help.

Thank you for your time

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