[talk-cz] Fwd: [OSMF] OpenStreetMap Česká Local Chapter post on blog.openstreetmap.org ..?

Tom Ka tomas.kasparek na gmail.com
Středa Červen 9 05:55:13 UTC 2021


obratili se na mne z Nadace OSM, jestli by jsme nedali dohromady
prispevek na blog OSM.org. Zrejme to "vyprovokovala" aktivita u
freemap.sk. Ja nemam prostor to dat dohromady, ale pokud to nekdo
sepise, tak to pripadne prelozim z CZ do EN. (a na webu mohou byt
zrejme obe jazykove verze). Tema bud prehledove jako kluci ze
Slovenska nebo neco konkretniho - posledni budka v CZ a OSM, postovni
schranky, turisticke trasy, ....

Bye tom.k

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Od: Dorothea Kazazi <dorothea na osmfoundation.org>
Date: út 8. 6. 2021 v 22:42
Subject: [OSMF] OpenStreetMap Česká Local Chapter post on
blog.openstreetmap.org ..?
To: Tom Ka <tomas.kasparek na gmail.com>

Hi Tomas :)

I'm contacting you as a volunteer of the OSMF Communication Working Group.

Would OpenStreetMap Česká be interested in having a post published on
blog.openstreetmap.org ..?

The post could be about
* presenting activities of the Local Chapter / OSM community.
* what the Local Chapter would like from (or to provide to) OSMF.
* suggesting something to the wider community / OSMF / other Local Chapters.
* things you have learned that might help other OSM community groups.
* mentioning communication channels if someone wants to reach out to you.
* mentioning an upcoming OSM-related regional event.

Please note that the above are just ideas ~ you can write about
anything OSM related :)
The post is not compulsory :)

# Language(s)
The post can be provided in the language(s) of your choice - it doesn't
have to be in English.

# Length
The post can be as short/long as you want.

# Timing
The post can be published at a future month and you could suggest
publication dates that would suit you (for example, if you want the post
to be published before a regional event).

# Note
Please note that the actual publication date depends on our queue of
other posts.
If you indicate a preferred range of dates for publication, we will do our best
to accommodate your request.

If you are interested please let me know and feel free to reach out
with other ideas/suggestions :)
Looking forward to hearing from you :)

warm greetings,

OSMF Communication Working Group volunteer

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