[Talk-de] elemstyles.xml file

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
So Jul 1 10:58:09 UTC 2007

Hi List!

I got an elemstyle.xml file from Michael Klugmann, where I planned to 
merge changes he made with the file included by the JOSM mappaint plugin.

While looking at the differences, I recognized that the default file is 
mostly unsorted, at least compared to the map features wiki page.

Sorting the file entries makes it probably much easier in the future to 
keep the default elemstyle.xml file in sync with the wiki page.
Is there a reason for it to be unsorted, or would you mind if I sort the 
entries in the default file to match the sequence of things in the wiki 

However, I've found two elemstyles.xml files in the svn:
a) applications/etc/elemstyles.xml
b) applications/editors/josm/plugins/mappaint/styles/standard/elemstyles.xml

Well, b) is what I'd expected, unfortunately a) is something I don't 
really understand. Is a) simply left over from some experiments or is it 
used by some other software than JOSM? While the file structure seems to 
be identical, the content is already much out of sync between these two 
files :-(

Is a) still in use or can we simply get rid of it (of course, before 
deleting I would merge probable changes into b) first)?

Regards, ULFL

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