[Talk-de] API 0.4 geht jetzt

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sa Mai 5 17:12:37 UTC 2007


    unten Steves Nachricht, das API 0.4 jetzt geht.

Die wichtigsten Punkte aus seinem Posting:

* Slippymap geht nicht in IE und nicht richtig in Safari.

* Applet geht nicht.

* GPX Upload/Download geht nicht

* Bitte erstmal den Server etwas vorsichtig behandeln, keine tiles at home- 
Dauer-Downloads etc. machen;

* es gibt ein Problem mit JOSM, wenn man zwei ueberlappende Bereiche 
runterlaedt, fuehrt das dazu, dass JOSM glaubt, sehr viele Aenderungen 
hochladen zu muessen. (Da kuemmere ich mich jetzt gleich drum.)

Es *kann* sein, wenn groessere Dateninkonsistenzen festgestellt werden, 
dass in den naechsten Tagen noch mal ein Datenstand von Samstag morgen 
eingespielt werden muss. Also investiert jetzt nicht so viel Arbeit, 
oder wenn, dann speichert das lokal, fuer den Fall der Faelle.


-------- Original Message --------

After a long day and much hacking here in sunny oxford the port is
live (or will be after I send this). You really want to read through
this as data may be lost if you don't:

Good things:

* its live
* josm shows you how much data is coming
* user display names show up in the osm xml data
* you can set all your stuff public
* variable size slippy map
* if you have an up to date JOSM, it should show intelligble error
messages on download area too big etc
* 'map' call should give you all the segments referenced by ways
returned by that call
* other stuff
* its live

Bad things:

* GPX files are currently reimporting and generating animations etc.
this means gpx upload/download may be down for a while
* api 'map' call is slightly slower, some known optimisation is needed
* a bunch of hacking done by people here on things like 'show me
mappers near me' has not been integrated and deployed yet, expect it
* slippy map doesnt show in IE7. Sorry, none of us have windows or
IE. If you do, please feel free to fix it.
* slippy map a bit broken in Safari. I think johnM has a fix for this
in progress.
* potlatch / applet are broken, expect potlatch soon

Please treat the server gently, if tiles at home people could back off a
bit that would be useful.

We've had a fun day. I'll let everyone else summarise what they got
up to. I spent an hour or so taking everyone through ruby and rails
and then spent the rest of the time getting rails live and fixing
bugs found.

There is a current bug where downloading two overlapping areas in
JOSM triggers a need for JOSM to upload  a lot of changes. We don't
know why this is. Can JOSM hackers have a look and see what's going on?

As a result of this, and possible other bugs, we may need to revert
the database to a snapshot of this morning in a day or two if serious
data integrity bugs are found. Please do edit stuff and see how the
new setup works but keep in mind there is a possibility you'll need
to re-do your work if something really breaks.

===What to do if you find a bug===

Go to http://trac.openstreetmap.org/ and see if it's been reported
already. If it has feel free to add comments, if not submit a new
ticket. If it involves data integrity problems, please use 'BROKEN
DATA' in the subject of the ticket somewhere.

Lastly thanks to all who have hacked on it, for richard/jamie for
organising and everyone for coming.

have fun,

SteveC | steve at asklater.com | http://www.asklater.com/steve/

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