[Talk-de] Tip for Coastline Editing

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fr Mai 11 22:33:46 UTC 2007


    to those of you who are working with coastline imported by the 
almien PGS coastline import: You all know that there's this problem 
where islands/lakes will seem to be a closed way, but aren't (you select 
a four-node island and see "way 5 nodes"). These need to be closed for 
proper rendering. (I believe LA2 has a modified coastline import script 
that avoids this bug, so if you're not dealing with already-imported 
stuff, consider using his version!)

You need to

1. identify the position where you have two nodes
2. remove one of them plus the segment connecting to it
3. close the gap with a new segment

Everyone probably has different techniques for doing this. (1) can be 
done with maplint, but today I came upon a clever way to find the 
offending node in a long island coastline way: Select any one node in 
the way, then do "split way". If the way is closed, JOSM will refuse to 
split it, displaying the hint that for splitting circular ways, TWO 
nodes have to be selected. If the way is not closed, then it will be 
split in two at the selected node - the "other end" of each way being 
the offending double node.


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