[Talk-de] Kraftfahrstrassen

Ulf Möller usenet at ulfm.de
Mo Jun 8 22:06:30 UTC 2009

Heiko Jacobs schrieb:

> Auf einzelne "normale" User scheint er ja leider nicht zu reagieren...

Nur mal so als Hinweis... http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Vandalism

*  Direct human contact. Be polite and assume the best. Wait adequate 
time for response. This is always the first course of action.
* Consult with lists and/or trusted individuals and the local community 
to examine problem. If necessary the data working group will help 
identify "investigators" within the community who can research the issues.
* Report vandalism to the data working group (data at osmfoundation.org). 
This should be the last resort!

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