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Jonas Krückel osm at jonas-krueckel.de
So Jun 21 16:39:01 UTC 2009

Martin Koppenhoefer schrieb:
> 2009/6/17 wer-ist-roger <juwelier-online at web.de>:
>> Hej Jens,
>> nice mockup. But I like more the idea of having thumbnails side by side then
>> this tab-like style.
> Yes, it is indeed quite nice, but IMHO not suitable for a large
> variety of different Maps (lets say 20-30).
Just a sketch to illustrate my idea. You could easily add one line of 4 
map thumbnails more and you also have the 'more maps' button on the bottom.
If you mouse over the thumbnails you will get additional informations 
about the map.
I don't know if we would get problems with screenshots from the Reit- 
und Wanderkarte including the contour lines and shaded reliefs, because 
AFAIK the license is not compatible ( i do not really know if odbl will 
make this better, but i don't think so) and it only works because the 
are overlayed in the browser.

I also have a additional idea, what about a mobile version of 
openmaps.org, automatically detecting the mobile device (iPhones mainly 
;-) ) and displaying different open mobile maps (opentouchmap.org for 
example)? Of course we would need a more advanced webinterface for the 
mobile version so you can easily use it.

Please feel free to add your ideas!


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