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SteveC steve at asklater.com
Di Jun 30 08:09:43 UTC 2009

Again from Google Translation

On 29 Jun 2009, at 19:29, Markus wrote:
> Ja, das Image der OSMF ist ziemlich schlecht.
> Warum weiss ich nicht.
> Ich selbst habe keine eigene Erfahrung mit der OSMF.
> Was ich höre sind nur Gerüchte.

"Yes, the image of the OSMF is pretty bad.
Why I do not know.
I myself have no experience with the OSMF.
What I hear are just rumors."

I'm sad to hear there are rumors

> Eigentlich weiss ich gar nicht, wer oder was die OSMF ist und was sie
> tut und was deren Arbeit mit mir als Mapper und Mitarbeiter in OSM zu
> tun hat. Im Wiki gibt es keinen deutschsprachigen Artikel, und auf der
> Website der OSMF finde ich auch nichts in deutscher Sprache.

"Actually I do not know who or what the OSMF is and what it
doing and what their working with me as a mapper and employees to OSM
do. In the Wiki there is no German-language articles, and on the
Website of the OSMF I find nothing in German. "

The OSMF manage a large number of things through working groups. These  
working groups make sure the State of the Map happens. It makes sure  
the license process happens. It makes sure the data in OSM is not  
copyrighted illegally. It makes sure the servers are working.

These working groups meet for an hour about once a week or two. In the  
case of the legal working group there is a lot more work and we meet  
twice every week. We publish the minutes of all of these meetings.  
They are not all run by English people. The SOTM working group for  
example has many Dutch. The Legal working group has one Dutch person  
and one, Ulf, is from Germany I think.

There are many opportunities to get involved. We would love it if  
there was help translating the website and minutes and so on in to  
German. The wiki does have German articles on it, see - http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Hauptseite 
  - and if you want more, it is a wiki and you can fix it.

> Ich denke, es würde OSM als Projekt, den Mappern und natürlich auch  
> der
> OSMF sehr helfen, wenn es Euch gelingen würde dieses Image durch
> konkrete Handlungen deutlich zu verbessern. Die Grundlage ist offene
> Kommunikation und Verlässlichkeit. Persönlicher Kontakt ist immer  
> wertvoll.
> Dabei sollte die OSMF nicht auf Vorschläge warten, sondern selbst
> kreativ aktiv werden. Ich denke, Deine Reise war ein guter Anfang!

"I think it would OSM as a project, the mappers and of course the
OSMF greatly help if you would succeed in this image by
concrete actions to significantly improve. The foundation is open
Communication and reliability. Personal contact is always valuable.
It should not OSMF wait for suggestions, but even
creative action. I think your trip was a good start! "

The OSMF makes many concrete actions on a daily basis - the problem is  
communication to multiple lists. I have taken some steps such as the  
local-contacts list for passing announcements to local lists in their  
local language. This is a growing pain that the organisation must go  
through as it becomes more international and I welcome help.



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