[Talk-de] New OpenStreetMap iPhone Editor - Mapzen POI Collector

Nick Black nickblack1 at gmail.com
Do Nov 26 09:56:36 UTC 2009

Hi Guys,

Mapzen POI Collector was released into the App Store this morning.
Mapzen POI Collector is a free iPhone app that makes it really easy to
collect POIs for OpenStreetMap.  Users locate themselves using the
iPhone's built in GPS, position a pin at the location of the POI they
want to add and then choose from a range of pre-selected categories.
No need to remember those obscure tags any more.

Mapzen POI Collector is available from all App Stores.  Localised docs
are available for Germany, France, Italy, UK/US.

Download from the App Store here:

Germany - http://bit.ly/6qUoA8

UK/US - http://bit.ly/8wM9O1

France - http://bit.ly/8OfrCt

Italy - http://bit.ly/6xBa3h

Thanks to many members of the OpenStreetMap community who helped with
the translations, including: Jonas Krückel (German), Simone Cortesi
(Italian), Frédéric Bonifas (French).  If you would like to help
translate the Mapzen POI collector docs into your language, please
drop me an emai: nick at cloudmade.com

Happy Mapping!

Nick Black
nick at cloudmade.com

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