[Talk-de] Corine Land Cover France import overlapping in Germany

Pieren pieren3 at gmail.com
Sa Sep 12 18:52:23 UTC 2009

Hi talk-de list,

First, apologies for my message in english.

We are preparing in France an import of the Corine Land Cover (CLC)
landuse polygones. This dataset is generated by all european states
but the French version has a licence compatible with OSM.

The original dataset is delivered as shapefiles and use a standardized
"nomenclature" of 36 classes. We decided to migrate most of them (not
all) following this translation table for OSM tags:

Before the import, we suppressed all CLC polygons overlapping more
than 2% the existing ones in OSM. The problem is that the dataset
itself is going a bit onto neighbourhood countries like Germany
(a rough estimate is about max. 10km).
So we would like to know if the German community is interested by
these polygones or if we have to perform a cut-off exactly on the

To have a preview about the import, we generated a mashup with the
current Mapnik and a special overlay with the CLC polygones as they
will be after the import. Please don't rush all together at the same
time, it's a small server ;-)
Select/deselect the last overlay "corine-import" to see the difference.


Thank you for your replies,

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