[Talk-de] Google Maps v.s. OSM routing in Berlin

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Fr Sep 18 10:25:28 UTC 2009

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> Why doesn't OSM ever tell me to take a 270 degree turn into oncoming
> traffic on a 6-lane highway and get onto the motorway_link on the
> other side?

Two possible reasons:
1. There is a restriction missing at the Google map or a 
traffic sign missing in reality. When i look at the picture, 
i can see just a dotted line in the middle and no traffic 
sign, which forbids the 270 degree turn (I haven't looked
inside OSM, wether OSM has a turn restriction set here).

2. Depending on the attributs, OSM is showing the faster
alternative. The result can only be identical if only the
real length of the route is used as parameter for the 
router. If any travel time model is used, the results will
never be 100% identical for complex routes, as long as the
traveltime models differ in details.

Regards Hubert

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