[Talk-de] AIO fehlt völlig

flabot at googlemail.com flabot at googlemail.com
Di Dez 28 10:05:28 UTC 2010

In etwa 10 min gibt es aktuelle Deutschland-Daten


Infos zum neuen Downloadangebot stehen in der  HOWTO.TXT

Hello World !!!

For using a full-germany -card take a look at
gmapsupp.img oder the 7z-file.

If you only need parts of germany take a look ath the tiles.html
and download the img from the img-subfolder you need.

For generating a gmapsupp to copy to your SD-Card you need to run
mkgmap like this with
your downloaded img-files

java -jar mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp --family-id=7001 --product-id=3
--family-name=basemap img/70013*.img basemap.TYP


PS : you can mix img-files from diffenrent days. in 99% the routing is
still working. So you dont have to update all
images-files every day.

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