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FYI: 575k$ sind doch eine beachtiche Summe an Geld, die zur Verbesserung 
innerhalb von OSM verwendet werden soll...

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Hello everyone -

I'm excited to announce that the Knight Foundation has awarded a grant of $575,000 to Development Seed and MapBox to improve OpenStreetMap infrastructure.

Myself and my colleages from the Development Seed and MapBox team are looking forward to closely work with other OpenStreetMap community members to put this money to good use. The goal is to improve editing infrastructure to enable better and more focused editors, update openstreetmap.org with social features to allow better interaction around common tasks, and make it easier to access and use OpenStreetMap data. These three components together aim to allow a fast growing community to scale better. The community has already identified issues in these areas and begun to make massive improvements. We'll collaborate with existing efforts as much as possible and do all work in the open, on platforms like GitHub and producing exclusively open source code.

These are broad brushstrokes for now, without much technical detail. Right now we're getting our house in order - we will follow up in the next weeks with more detailed thoughts on where we would like to go. In the meantime, fire away with questions here or feel free to get in touch directly under alex at mapbox.com.

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About the Knight Foundation

The Knight Foundation supports transformational projects in journalism, media, community and the arts. Knight has a strong track record in providing key funding to open source projects such as Document Cloud or Panda. Development Seed has worked with Knight in more than one instance before, noteably TileMill was launched on a Knight grant.

- TileMill http://www.knightfoundation.org/grants/20094589/
- Panda http://www.knightfoundation.org/grants/20110660/
- DocumentCloud http://www.knightfoundation.org/grants/20110146/

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