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Alexander Hunziker alex.hunziker at rega-sense.ch
Søn Nov 15 19:15:16 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I'll allow myself to answer in English (I can read Danish w/o
problems, but writing is more difficult)
I'm also of the opinion that the map should not be edited with the
goal in mind for it to look great. Much rather, we should tag things
as it seems logical. Applied to this case here:

Of course bike paths should be rendered nicely. But that's a rendering
issue. One should not circumvent rendering issues by suboptimal tagging.
If a bike path follows a road closely, as i almost always the case in
Copenhagen, I would argue that it is *part of that road*. Hence it
should not be inserted to the map as a separate way. Rather, the
street should be tagged with the appropriate bike lane tag.
Claus is also very right in mentioning that adding cycleways as
separate ways makes navigation for algorithms much harder.
I would strongly suggest to revert the recent changes in Copenhagen to
the old scheme.
Best regards,
Alexander Hunziker

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