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Niels Beck nielsbeck at gmail.com
Ons Nov 18 13:39:07 GMT 2009

I am the one making a lot of highway-cycleways in Copenhagen!

First: I did not have much to look at in the beginning on the Danish part of
the map, so I lokke in Netherkand, France and Germany, and did read a lot of
stuf on the internet acording to the matter, from that I deducted:

A seperat bike lane has a seperat life and should be:


That gives you a blue exctra line/road! Some of my collegs in Denmark
does not like that patly because of the extra confucion in program mode,
partly because of GPS extract problems, they say! And finely because of the
principal definition, where we do not agree!

If it ends up in anothe way than I have programed, no problem I shall
correct it
according to good manner and practice! I hope thats make it possible to
start an
good discusion!?

I say:
1. Highway-cycleway is acceptabal for seperat bike "roads".
2. To be a seperat bike "road" it must be either in another level than the
car "road" or in the same level seperated by space in form of marked parking
boxes, grass, walls, asphalt space and so on!
3. If the bicyclelane is in the same level as the car "road" and seperated
with a line on the asphalt blue, white and so on, it should be taged as
cycleway-lane combined with
highway- xxxxx

Niels John Beck
N. Jespersensvej 10 3.tv.
2000 Frederiksberg
DK - Denmark
Mobil +45 60605235
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