[Talk-dk] Mapping i weekenden i Tranbjerg

Freek freek_osm at vanwal.nl
Fre Sep 18 19:28:46 BST 2009

On Friday 18 September 2009, maillist at hvemder.dk wrote:
> [...] Dvs vi kommer ca et kvarter for sent. Håber i vil vente på os.

I'll be there, hopefully at 10am. I guess it will take some time to get 
started, so it won't be a problem if you're late, but if you know you'll be 
much later you can call.

> Ved heller ikke om vi er med begge dage, men måske sover jeg hos min bror
> i Århus.

I see they recently introduced some rain in the forecasts for Sunday :-( I was 
planning to go both days, but if it's going to be worse...

> Så vil jeg også gerne høre om det praktiske. Hvordan organiserer vi det?

I just took a look at:

- "Get the lat/lon for the meeting places and announce in advance"
  What about 10.136E, 56.096N (or as close as possible in real life...)?

> Er der én der har et kommercielt kort med, og så siger hvilken del man
> skal mappe? Rapporterer man tilbage til en tovholder når man er færdig med
> et område, og bliver man så guidet videre?

- "Make a 'cake' diagram to divide up the area into manageable chunks."
  Anyone already did that/planning to do? I forgot and don't have access to a 
  printer anymore. I think we don't need a commercial map, we can tell by the 
  housenumbers where we have to go.

- "Make sure you have hardware and software like [...]"
  I don't know if we want to work out the tracks at the event itself, I don't
  really feel like carrying my laptop around all day. Anyway, taking a camera
  is really good advice, especially if you're not going to edit the track the
  same day.

> Spiser vi frokost sammen?

I certainly hope so!

P.S. Sorry I'm too lazy to write in Danish (and probably also not yet good 
enough...), but replies in Danish are always fine.

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