[Talk-dk] Må vi præsentere: Tranbjerg!

Freek freek_osm at vanwal.nl
Ons Sep 23 18:48:03 BST 2009

On Monday 21 September 2009, Morten Kjeldgaard wrote:
> PS: Freek, it is a very good idea to make a small folder presenting
> the OSM project!  I briefly took a look at the german folder like you
> suggested. It is really nice, but I feel we could make do with
> something a bit less fancy. Given that we don't have money to print
> and distribute a brochure, it would be sufficient with something that
> everybody could print out on a colour printer and take along when
> mapping.

Yes, that would perhaps be a better option -- I don't have a clue how 
expensive bulk printing is...


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