[Talk-dk] Adding local user groups of denmark

Rasmus Vendelboe r.vendelboe+osm at gmail.com
Ons Feb 16 09:41:46 GMT 2011

Videresent til vores mailingliste på opfordring fra en af de ret aktive
tyskere. Se besked nedenfor.


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Date: Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 9:37 AM
Subject: Adding local user groups of denmark
To: Rasmusv <r.vendelboe+osmwiki at gmail.com>

Hi Rasmus,

as you might know, the German division has a nice map of all local groups at
Inspired by this one, I created an international version and a simple bot
collecting all together.

So if you put this on the page of your local meeting wiki page:
then you will appear after while here:

So I hope to offer a tool for a better international connection. Can you
notify your local mailinglists please?


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