[Talk-dk] highway=rest_area in Denmark

Nelson A. de Oliveira naoliv at gmail.com
Ons Apr 20 17:53:30 UTC 2016

What I saw (and was trying to understand) is why 95% of all the
highway=service + service=rest_area are located in Denmark.

I can see some improvements regarding this question:

1) it's possible to define a better tagging for highways that are
resting areas, but this should be discussed/suggested in a more
specific channel (the tagging list, for example)

2) it's possible to create small buffers around the service=rest_area
ways and find/calculate possible missing highway=services or
highway=rest_area (or it could even be verified manually).

Of course I am not here to say "you must map using this specific tag"
nor I don't want to just change all the highway=service +
service=rest_area to highway=rest_area.

Regardless the first item, the second one should improve the data in Denmark.

Best regards,

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