[Talk-dk] highway=rest_area in Denmark

Jørgen Elgaard Larsen jel at elgaard.net
Tor Apr 21 14:39:44 UTC 2016

Michael Andersen wrote:
> I "invented" and started using
> service=rest_area in 2010 because I found highway=rest_area pretty much
> unusable for what I wanted to do (just like Rasmus I find that
> highway=rest_area has been pretty crappily defined. A highway* that can be
> tagged on either a node or an area?!?)

There are plenty of other tags that can be applied to either nodes or 
areas, and there are other highway=* that can only be applies to nodes 
(e.g. traffic_lights).

I do agree that highway=rest_area is not optimally defined, but it is 
usually a bad idea to invent tags without discussing them with the 
community; If no one knows about the tag and what it means, it just 
fills up space in the database without being of any use.

> Some time ago I staŕted tagging a single node highway=rest_area at every rest
> area

Good idea. I think we should just do that, and remove service=rest_area.

If anyone really cares about service=rest_area (or the accusedly crappy 
definition of highway=rest_area), they should discuss it on the tagging 

- Jørgen

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