[Talk-es] tag for the N-340a (costa del sol)

Jan Tappenbeck osm en tappenbeck.net
Mar Sep 20 08:01:51 BST 2011

  Hi !

my problem why i ask to you is the N-340a (Andalucia) near the mare.

i tag it in the last years like highway=primary because there are many 
curves and the street is 2 lanes - the old street along the coast like.

now primary jacksparrow change to trunk mostly because his argument is 
that [2] discript that national roads like (N-340) are trunks.

in my option this is the old classification and now the autopista 
mediterrano (A-7) is the new main street. so in many parts the name 
changes to N-340a!!

what is your opinion ??

for detail discussion to jacksparrow in spainish please call him directly.

regards Jan :-)

[1] http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/95507694



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