[Talk-es] tag for the N-340a (costa del sol)

David Marín Carreño davefx en gmail.com
Mar Sep 20 09:48:25 BST 2011

As far as I can remember, this case was not addressed neither in the Spanish
normalization rules nor the previous discussion... Perhaps we should address
it now.

Hasta donde puedo recordar, este caso no se trató en las normas de
normalización de España, ni en su discusión previa... Quizá debamos tratarlo

El 20 de septiembre de 2011 10:40, Javier Martin <lordhabbit en gmail.com>escribió:

> El 20/09/2011 9:01, Jan Tappenbeck escribió:
>>  Hi !
>> my problem why i ask to you is the N-340a (Andalucia) near the mare.
>> i tag it in the last years like highway=primary because there are many
>> curves and the street is 2 lanes - the old street along the coast like.
>> now primary jacksparrow change to trunk mostly because his argument is
>> that [2] discript that national roads like (N-340) are trunks.
>> in my option this is the old classification and now the autopista
>> mediterrano (A-7) is the new main street. so in many parts the name changes
>> to N-340a!!
>> what is your opinion ??
> According to the Spanish normalization rules, N-340 would be trunk, but
> spurs and branches named N-340a, b, c, etc. are considered "local roads" and
> thus highway=tertiary AFAIK.
> Según las reglas españolas de normalización, la N-340 sería trunk, pero los
> ramales denominados N-340a, b, c, etc. se consideran "carreteras locales" y
> por tanto highway=tertiary si no me equivoco.
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