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Edoardo Neerhut ed at mapillary.com
Wed Oct 2 06:11:32 UTC 2019

Hi OSM Finland,

Mapillary and my colleague Madelen (CCed) are in communication with local
government agencies in Helsinki to make use of street-level imagery that
they have collected and future collection plans. There is the opportunity
to make the imagery available on Mapillary in which case it would be open
for OpenStreetMap editing.

Given the importance of OSM in Helsinki and in tools like
https://reittiopas.hsl.fi/, is there an interest in using uploaded
street-level imagery for map edits?

There would be a greater incentive for government agencies to upload the
imagery publicly if there is a willingness from the community to arrange a
mapathon once the images had been uploaded. Mapillary can also provide to
the community map features
that we have detected automatically like bike racks, crosswalks and waste
baskets. We're currently trialing this with locations that express interest
through our fork of iD editor but hope to merge this into the main branch
in coming months.

We'd love to support any such mapathon and are also open to other ideas
that would help improve OSM from the imagery.


Ed & the Mapillary team
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