[OSM-talk-fr] Continued aggression against French contributors (cadastre integration)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Jeu 18 Oct 08:41:05 GMT 2012


    I have the impression that you are trying to make a large conflict 
out of a small issue. The overwhelming majority of the French OSM 
community has never had an issue with DWG, yet you are trying to cast 
this into a "the French community against the DWG" battle.

You are even instrumentalising those who would, on their own, not have 
any problem with following the existing guidelines and creating a 
separate account; they would prefer to simply play by the rules but you 
make them into your pawns by telling them "no! the French community 
suggests that you do not create a separate account for imports, just 
ignore what those DWG people tell you!"

You're talking as if you want to solve the issue amicably but you don't; 
when you talk of "sustained efforts" then these efforts are basically 
concentrated on getting it exactly your way. In this whole discussion I 
have never once seen any offer of compromise by you or others.

Your talk of "anti-social behaviour" is unacceptable, and your attempt 
at singling out Paul Norman as your scapegoat is just as bad. If Paul 
weren't blocking users who violate the rules then I would, or another 
member of DWG.

I have the impression that you are fighting a personal vendetta here 
because you were personally asked to follow the separate-import 
guideline, you rejected that, and you got blocked. Now it's ok if you're 
unhappy and you're free to say that, but in attempt at styling this into 
a "the whole French community is on my side, I have done nothing wrong" 
battle you are actually abusing the French community for your cause.

The separate import account rule is not a "proposed" rule and it is 
valid for France just as it is valid for any other place. I would 
sincerely ask every member of the French community to create a separate 
import account if they plan to import large quantities of Cadastre data 
- Eric is now using an account named "Marcussacapuces91 - Cadastre" and 
I think that is a good and useful convention.

(I say "large quantities" - if someone just imports his local city 
quarter then certainly nobody is going to complain.)


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