[OSM-talk-fr] Continued aggression against French contributors (cadastre integration)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Jeu 18 Oct 13:48:51 GMT 2012


On 10/18/12 15:31, helene_gmx.fr wrote:
> So, Frederick, please, don't be so rude with all of us, and please,
> explain why using a separate account increase DataBase's safety.

The problem is that it has been explained a thousand times before.

The argument usually goes like this:

"Using a separate account for imports is generally required because of 

"Ah, but <reasons> doesn't apply to the Cadastre import so we will 
ignore your rule."

Let me give you an analogy. In Germany, we often have speed limits with 
reasons. For example, you will find a speed limit sign that says 
"Lärmschutz" (noise protection), like this


Now this sign means you may only go 80 km/h because of noise protection. 
But even if you have a very silent electric car and you believe that it 
makes practically no noise at all, you still have to follow the speed 

The same applies in the case of separate import accounts. We have 
reasons for requiring separate import accounts; they include, but are 
not limited to, the easier separation of surveyed and imported content 
and easier en-bloc reversal of problematic imports.

Now you may believe that these don't apply to Cadastre work. And I said 
before, if someone imports 100 buildings from Cadastre, they will 
certainly not be contacted by us about that, separate account or no 
separate account. But if some imports 10000 buildings then he is a data 
importer and he has to stick to the same rules as every other data 
importer. The French community cannot simply "opt out" from rules that 
have been made for the whole project, at least as long they are using 
the same database as the rest of the project.


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