[OSM-talk-fr] [Tagging] Deprecation of associatedStreet-relations

Andreas Goss andig88 at t-online.de
Dim 25 Jan 20:17:22 UTC 2015

> Bref une nouvelle relation encore peu utilisée veut remplacer une
> relation ancienne; sans réel changement fonctionnel.

If google translate got this right... no we don't want to replace it 
with another relation, we just want to use addr:street.

Maybe you in France have access to government data, but we in Germany 
mostly don't and many countries neither, in some places maybe not even 
the government has it.

And then those relations just make everything more complicated, lack 
members or mappers break them by accident. I just started cleaning up 
them and that already got rid of most of them, because they were 
utterly incomplete. Why should I support and keep a tagging schema when 
all over Bavaria maybe 5 areas have a dozen complete (associated)Street 

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