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Guillaume Allegre allegre.guillaume at free.fr
Lun 12 Juin 10:32:07 UTC 2017

Je fais suivre un mail passé sur les listes maps-l et wikidata 
de Wikimédia (international).

L'outil a l'air *très* prometteur, mais je n'ai pour l'instant 
jeté qu'un coup d'oeil rapide.
Je suis intéressé aussi par d'autres retours d'expérience.

Je m'en suis servi pour l'instant pour lever des ambiguités dans Wikidata,
pas encore pour ajouter des tags dans OSM, mais c'est bien son usage premier.

> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Edward Betts <edward at 4angle.com>
> Date: Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 11:39 PM
> Subject: [Wikidata] Tool for users to add wikidata tags to OpenStreetMap
> To: wikidata at lists.wikimedia.org
> I've built a tool for mappers to match things in OSM with Wikidata and add
> the
> appropriate wikidata tag to OSM.
> https://osm.wikidata.link/
> Users can search for a administrative area or city, then pick an area to
> analyse. It works best if mappers pick areas they're familiar with.
> The matcher can take a few minutes to run. It grabs items from Wikidata and
> figures out a target set of tags and keys to search for. Then it downloads
> data and looks for matches. The matching is based on tags and names,
> currently
> the wikipedia tags aren't considered.
> Map data is from the OSM Overpass API. Large (more than 1,000 sq km) or
> dense
> areas might fail with a timeout error.
> The results are cached in the system and are available here:
> https://osm.wikidata.link/places
> Once the matching process is complete the mapper is given a tabbed page with
> the results. The five tabs are:
>   Match candidates - things on OSM that might be considered for tagging
>   Already tagged - matches that are already tagged in OSM
>   No match - items from Wikidata with no match found in OSM
>   Wikidata query - the query used to find Wikidata items
>   Overpass query - the Overpass query to find OSM objects in this area
> To start tagging the mapper is able to login to OSM via OAuth. Tick boxes
> will
> appear next to the likely matches, the mapper can tick the box next to the
> matches they want to upload, then add a change comment and upload them using
> their own OSM account. Uploads within an area are combined into a single
> changeset.
> If the mapper sees an obviously incorrect match they can use the 'report bad
> match' option to warn other mappers and provide feedback that I can use to
> improve the algorithm.
> This tools doesn't add any new objects to OSM. The only change it makes is
> adding a wikidata tag to existing things.
> My approach is to aim for a one-to-one mapping between Wikidata and OSM. If
> there are two or more things in OSM that look like a Wikidata item then it
> isn't a good match. This means for example that most road and rail bridges
> won't be tagged because they are represented as two OSM ways. I might change
> this at some point.
> There are occasional duplicates in Wikidata, this tool should spot them and
> refuse to add wikidata tags until the Wikidata duplicate is resolved.
> The bug/todo list is here: https://github.com/EdwardBetts/osm-wikidata/
> issues
> Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.
> --
> Edward.

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