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marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Ven 20 Avr 14:10:38 UTC 2018

Pour info. en ultra résumé, rendu
  des chateaux et manoir d'importance historique
  des "bureaux" office=*
  des cascades
  des grandes baies
  des stations balnéaires
  des places de parking individuelles
  de quelques type magasins supplémentaires

comme d'hab, faudra un certain temps pour que les tuiles se mettent à jour

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Sujet : [OSM-dev] OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.10.0
Date : Fri, 20 Apr 2018 13:28:58 +0200
De : Daniel Koć <daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl>
Pour : osm-dev List <dev at openstreetmap.org>

Dear all,

Today, v4.10.0 of the OpenStreetMap Carto stylesheet (the default
stylesheet on the OSM website) has been released. Once changes are
deployed on the openstreetmap.org it will take couple of days before
all tiles show the new rendering.

Changes include
- Adding rendering for historic=castle and historic=manor
- Adding rendering office=* as dots + names
- Adding rendering for waterway=waterfall
- Adding place=square name rendering for nodes
- Adding rendering for big natural=bay
- Adding rendering for leisure=beach_resort
- Adding rendering for amenity=parking_space
- Adding rendering of aerialway=zip_line
- Adding rendering for shop=bed
- Adding rendering for shop=video_games
- Adding halo to roads on z6 and z7
- Extending intermittent waterbody rendering to landuse=basin
- Moving highway=mini_roundabout rendering to higher zoom level
- Dropping waterway=derelict_canal rendering
- Small documentation and code fixes

Thanks to all the contributors for this release, including d3d9,
doktorpixel14 and hikemaniac, new contributors.

For a full list of commits, see

As always, we welcome any bug reports at

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