[Talk-gb-midanglia] Best practice for tagging minor hills and similar

Philip Howarth Philip at howarth.name
Sat Dec 6 15:06:25 GMT 2008

To identify a mountain is easy - just tag as:  natural=peak, name=Kala

This doesn't seem appropriate for minor hills and I have seen one small
discussion (focussing on the Cambridgeshire Gogs) on the suggestion to use
place=locality with natural=hill.
It is also clear that the intention of 'peak' is to mark the summit whereas
local useage with hill names is often to refer to the whole hill as an area
of land. Maybe I am suffering from living in the flatlands too long - should
I just get on and label them peek or... ?

Closely connected (in terms of my attempts to map a rolling hilly area in
Northumberland) is how to tag areas that have local names with no real
associated feature.  I'm using place=locality for that at the moment which
seems to fit the definition "An unpopulated, named place".

Does anyone have any ideas, views, suggestions...


Philip Howarth
Cambridge UK
email: Philip at Howarth.name
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