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Alice Kaerast kaerast at qvox.org
Wed Nov 4 15:41:48 GMT 2009

Actually, that's a good point about the galleries and Walking Papers.  If
walking papers is currently stable, then I reckon a mini mapping party in
the new year, hosted at one of the central galleries would work really

I met one of the marketing people at the gallery in Centenary Square the
other week, not sure if I've still got her business card.

The general feedback I've got sounds like we could run both the Worth
Valley and city centre parties, get the hiking/countryside groups to joýn
us in walking the Worth Valley some time between Christmas and New Year
and do the city centre when we can get some space in the new year.

On Wed, November 4, 2009 3:19 pm, Tim Waters wrote:
> Hi Alice,
> all of the suggestions sound good -- the Worth valley one sounds the
> best - has the potential to get other groups interested too.
> Town centre would work too - using Walking Papers it could be quite
> accessible for folks.
> I wonder if one of the galleries may be up for hosting us?
> Tim
> 2009/11/2 Alice Kaerast <kaerast at qvox.org>:
>> Hi,
>> A couple of us have been talking about running another Open Street Map
>> mini mapping party in December or January, possibly inbetween Christmas
>> and New Year as a chance to walk off that Christmas excess (and maybe
>> get
>> away from the family).
>> The best options I can see are:
>> * Worth Valley, specifically getting the Worth Way walk mapped and a
>> CC-licensed guide and map produced.  We could do it out of the Computer
>> Gentle training room in Keighley, it would have a clearly defined goal
>> and
>> it's mostly through pretty nice countryside and villages.
>> * Bradford city centre, whilst it looks fairly well mapped there are
>> still
>> some Open Street Bugs, there are lots of missing one-way and turn
>> restrictions, and other things to fix.  We might be able to host this at
>> the University but wouldn't have internet access for non students/staff.
>> * Bradford outskirts, looking at zoom level 10 on the map you can see
>> where is built up but not mapped.
>> * Making a concerted effort to get the Sustrans routes of Yorkshire
>> "finished".  This would be a very different event to any of the above,
>> all
>> of the central organising work would have to be done online, but it
>> would
>> be pretty awesome to see the few remaining bits finished.  It'd also be
>> a
>> nice chance for people to try out their new bikes they got for
>> Christmas.
>> Anyway, those are my ideas.  What are you most interested in completing
>> and when?
>> --
>> Alice
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