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I note that BCC have removed the gritting map link from their winter
maintenance page.





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Re Coventry, yes it would be nice to see some enthusiasm from there. Maybe
we should prod a few that are active currently?

Re Dudley, I’ll see if I can get the contact details of the appropriate

Re Sandwell, I’m in contact.






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Hi Christoph


Thanks for this - We have Coventry data but can't get much enthusiasm from
the Coventry mappers to complete this. We're still to get Dudley - who wants
to approach them? Sandwell routes seem to appear at a different zoom level
to the rest?  Do we just have to wait for the rendering engine to catch up?
Andy Mabbett - I think we just assume that everyone realises that the
motorways get gritted - if you start adding them where do you finish? the UK
motorway network is huge! Other major routes also gritted by the HA?  Do you
want to volunteer? ;-). Andy R  - I think your approach to Sandwell is the
the best- sit down around the map and correct it.  Who's informing our
contact at Sandwell about progress?





2011/11/13 Christoph Böhme <christoph at b3e.net>

Hi all

I've updated the gritting map [1]. The data was retrieved from the
overpass api and is hopefully up to date. The map now covers the area
between 2.275 and 1.378 west and 52.314 and 52.679 north.

Let me know if there are areas which should have gritting routes but
don't appear on the map. I wasn't following the progress closely enough
to remember which councils made their data available already and what
has been added to the map yet. For instance, I thought the gritting
routes in Coventry were already in the database.


[1] http://mappa-mercia.org/gritting-map.shtml

Am 10.11.2011 12:36, schrieb Brian Prangle:

> Hi everyone
> We're making great progress with over  half the routes now completed.
>  Christoph will be re-rendering the gritting map this weekend so it would
> be good to see if we could complete this at the same time. There are still
> two routes unallocated - so grit your teeth and choose one ;-)
> It's also a good opportunity to do some tidying up of the road alignments
> and anything else you see along the route
> Regards
> Brian

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