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Hi everyone

Here is the full response from Birmingham City Council. Let me know what
you want us to do with the information now that we have it.



Dear Mr Prangle


* *

Further to your email requesting further information.


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1.         *How much is the project cost for the map which is going to be
drawn from the aerial imagery?*

The design and development of the royalty free map is one of several
components the design consultants are commission to deliver.  As previously
stated Marketing Birmingham is managing the design contract for this
project and the City Council is not financially contributing to this
aspect, other than purchasing the aerial photography licence fee.
Marketing Birmingham has informed me that the fee is £86,765 for the
complete map design (identify, typography, cartography, pictograms, etc)
and content development work.

2.         *What is the time scale for delivery of this map?*

The master map will be delivered to the project partners in late January
2012.  The map cuts will then be incorporated into the Wayfinding and
Centro products for installation during May – October 2012.  Specific
issues relating to licensing and onward design management are being
discussed amongst the partners and Centro will manage the map assets in the

3.         *What is the functional (as opposed to the technical)

There is no functional specification, per se. Not in the way I believe you
are referring to. The primary function is to aid Wayfinding for pedestrians
in Birmingham City Centre. The mapping is being developed for on street
static display. Downloads may be available via QR Code. The suite of master
base maps could, in due course, be re-purposed for print and online use.
Interactive screen based products are also being considered at key

The style of the maps will be topographically detailed showing features to
aid pedestrian orientation and movement and it will contain named areas,
destinations and attractions together with information on public transport
and key services and facilities.  Much of the design development has been
an iterative process with the project partners and stakeholders, especially
in respect to content and map generation.  For example, the map scale has
changed since the project start and the master map for the City Centre has
been rendered at a scale of 1:1000 and 1:4000 for on street display.
Zoomable mapping may be considered for online development.

The partner’s intention is to ensure that the Consultant’s work provides
data and resources, which are generated and can be managed in an open and
future proof manor. Several projects, products and services will eventually
be made possible by the data and resources, which are at the core of this
system.  The information captured in the map content collation process will
be recorded digitally and the Consultant will develop an information
content system for Wayfinding products and services, comprising:

1. A Microsoft Excel formatted spreadsheet, formatted to reflect the
information asset categories, content hierarchies and specification data
related to their function, original source, verification and approval
status and;

2. A GIS compatible drawing application to record and spatially organise
the asset content.

This will provide a universally transferable way of capturing the asset
data to be shared with stakeholders and partners.  The partners see this as
an interim step, as a precursor to determining the most efficient and
accessible format to manage and maintain the ongoing integrated multi-modal
data streams that will be managed as part of Centro’s “Integrated Transport
Information Programme” and their “Information Knowledge Base” system that
will form the data engine for all future information products and services
provided in the West Midlands.

If you require any further information or are not happy with our response
please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on 0121 303 3912

Yours sincerely

Dean Robinson

Freedom of Information and Data Protection Officer
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