[Talk-GB] UK dev day - Saturday 5th May

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Apr 4 12:57:41 BST 2007

You know, meet-o-matic.com is great... it really speeds up the  
realisation that it's impossible to get everyone together on one day. :|

Of the five Saturdays from 28th April to 26th May, each one is  
suitable for exactly six OSMers and unsuitable for three. There is  
absolutely nothing to favour one over the other. Gah.

So: I propose Saturday 5th May, on the very inegalitarian basis that  
it's the only one that Steve can make, and it might perhaps be helpful  
to have someone present who understands how it all works.

Unfortunately neither Andy nor Etienne can make this. This is a shame  
in itself and also means we can't take up Andy's kind offer of a  
venue. So the hunt is on for an alternative venue.

Jamie - you mentioned St Aldate's hall in Oxford - any good for the  
5th? Does it have wifi/other broadband?

(Of course, if we're on a roll following Essen and this one, there's  
nothing to stop us having another dev day with different participants,  
even later in the same month.)


(Suggest follow-ups to talk-gb.)

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