[Talk-GB] National Cycle Route 1 & 75 around Edinburgh

Shaun McDonald shaunmcdonald131 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 19:03:28 BST 2007

On 9 Apr 2007, at 18:09, Chris Fleming wrote:

> Shaun McDonald wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been looking at the data in the Edinburgh area, and I think that
>> the cycle way from near the A902 to approaching Dalmeny that is
>> marked as ncn_ref=75, should corrected to ncn_ref=1. Is it just me or
>> is this a error?
> It is, and it´s my mistake. I even took this pic:
> http://www.chrisfleming.org/gallery2/v/OSM/15March2007/ 
> IMG_0764.JPG.html

I know that sign :-)
Have to admit, I've lost track of where the 76 route goes after the  
Forth Bridge. There seems to be a new housing development in  
Dunfermline which means that the national route 1 suddenly loses its  
directions. The maps that sestrans provide on their site are pretty  
useless as they don't give the route number and they are a pain to  
navigate. Probably the best map I've seen yet for any part of the  
National Cycle Network is by North Lanarkshire council at: <http:// 
docres_national+cycle+route+75_national+cycle+route+75.html>. It's  
just a pity that they don't spend half as much time cleaning the  
masses of glass from the cycle path through their council area.

> as a reminder few weeks ago to correct it....
>> I know through South Queensferry there is the ncn 1 and 76 (not 75)
>> take the same route. What is the best way of showing this?
> I think that the common thing to do is to use ncr_ref=1;76  ??

Gregory was mentioning that a letter is used to determine if it is a  
national or regional route. Therefore it would become N1;N76. The  
only regional network in the Edinburgh area that I know if is number  
43, which is the Union canal and Forth and Clyde canal connecting  
Edinburgh and Glasgow. Other areas of the country seem to make far  
more use of the regional route numbers.
>> How do the regional cycle routes get shown/entered?
> I don think that there is any specific rendering for these yet,  
> although
> there is talk of a cycle layer and I expect that this may draw and  
> label
> the cycle routes....

It has already been started and is available at <http:// 
www.informationfreeway.org/> however only a few tiles have been  
rendered so far.
for more information.


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