[Talk-GB] Postcodes again

Dave osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Mon Apr 16 13:34:03 BST 2007

I've updated the postcode map I created, and it has a new home on dev too:


There's now a whole selection of layers available, representing
different post code sources. Click on the + to select between them.
The layers are:

NPE -- postcodes collected from the npe map site
FTP -- postcodes collected by freethepostcode.org
OSM -- postcodes extracted from the latest planet dump. Post codes
specified with the postal_code tag are pulled from nodes, and ways --
there's some development that needs to happen regarding pulling post
codes from ways cos I think it's a bit buggy at the moment.
All -- the above three sources merged together into a single layer.
This is the default layer and /should/ be the most precise.

The layers are set to update twice a week for the NPE, FTP and All
layers, and once a week (sometime after the planet gets released) for
the OSM layer.
Hopefully this will encourage everyone to start collecting post codes
on their travels if they haven't been already.


Dave Stubbs

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