[Talk-GB] London progress

Dave osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Wed Apr 18 13:33:01 BST 2007

People might be interested to know I've been collecting Greater London
progress renderings for six months now.

You can see all the pictures here:

And the bit everyone wants, the animation showing the last 6 months:

There's some really cool mapping going on. The coverage has more than
doubled, and there's loads of interesting details appeared such as
heathrow airport and just about every railway line there is!

If anyone is interested as to what it takes to render these images
(they're done in one go, not stitched together from tiles):

value in October -> value now
.osm file size:  33MB -> 75MB
.svg file size: 65MB -> 140MB
CPU time (2.8GHz P4) 35 mins -> 2 hours 40 mins
memory: 900MB RAM -> 1.6GB RAM + 250MB swap

I may need to find a new computer to carry on doing this ;-)

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