[Talk-GB] Footpaths, bridleways etc

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Fri Aug 3 09:59:18 BST 2007

Just a quick comment on footpath tagging. Looking at Freemap the majority of 
footpaths and bridleways are coming up in magenta (=permissive) rather than 
red (=right of way). If you can verify on the ground that something is a 
right of way (i.e. there's a signpost or you just know through local 
knowledge) remember to tag the access rights too:


foot=yes; highway=footway


foot=yes; horse=yes; bicycle=yes; highway=bridleway

Restricted byway

foot=yes; horse=yes; bicycle=yes; motorcar=no; highway=byway


Same as above but motorcar=yes

This will ensure they render correctly in Freemap.

Thanks :-)


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