[Talk-GB] designated cycleway, designated bridleway, designated footway

Alex Mauer hawke at hawkesnest.net
Fri Aug 3 23:38:35 BST 2007

Andy Allan wrote:
> On 8/2/07, Rik van der Helm <rik-EEC9K2LLrMXs9mHCU0MUfw at public.gmane.org> wrote:
>> My main question now is how should I tag
>> footpathes without a 'legal way of right' ?
> highway=footway
> access=permissive

How would you suggest to tag a path which is shared-use, intended
equally for foot or bicycle (or horse, though I don't know of any shared
among all three)?

>> Shaun McDonald replied:
>>> The difference between a track and a path is more in the
>>> surface quality, rather than the width. A path is normally
>>> paved, whereas a track is more gravel, or more likely 2
>>> dips, where tractor wheels have been, often with grass in
>>> the middle.
>> Maybe you can help me on on this. I was thinking about using
>> the 'width' distinction because of the desription of 'track'
>> in the map_features "unpaved/unsealed roads for agricultural
>> use; gravel roads in the forest etc.". My own visualization of
>> 'path' is something which is defenitely not a 'road'. My own
>> visualization of 'path' is also not something which is by
>> definition 'paved'. But I really like to hear if I am biased
>> on this, so I can try to adapt myself on a more general view.
> I'm not in agreement with Shaun when he says that a path is normally
> paved. For me the difference is in width or how it was created - track
> is big enough for vehicles, path is for people.

I agree with both Andy and Shaun on this, partly.

To me, a track is big enough, and designed for or made by, automobiles.
 Shaun's description of a track fits my understanding perfectly.

But Andy says that "a track is big enough for vehicles, path is for
people" -- I agree with this too, with one exception (mentioned by Shaun
McDonald): "Quite often paved footpaths are used by maintenance
vehicles." -- so a path may be big enough for vehicles, even though it's
not intended for motor vehicles.

In addition, Andy says that he doesn't think a path is necessarily
paved; I would say that an unpaved path would be called a trail instead
of a path ... So a path is "normally" paved.

-Alex Mauer "hawke"

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