[Talk-GB] affixing a GPS to a dashboard

Matthew Newton matthew-osm at newtoncomputing.co.uk
Fri Aug 3 18:19:49 BST 2007


On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 11:32:01PM +0100, Steve Coast wrote:
> That burning question - if you have a GPS and a dashboard which lets  
> it slide off when you turn a corner - what do you do?
> I've tried velcro and it doesn't stick super well. But I'm not sure  
> which side of the velcro I should put on the dash and which on the GPS.

I have a small (maybe 6" square) bit of non-slip mat that I sit the
GPS on. You can get it (expensive) from B&Q, it's used for holding
wood in place when you are using a router. Wilko's sell a cheaper roll
of the stuff - not such good quality, but fine for GPS-holding purposes.

Best thing - nothing to stick, nothing to modify, nothing to install.

Screwfix sell it (not too cheap here either):

Wilko now seem to have a small mat just for the purpose (99p):



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