[Talk-GB] NaviGPS is rubbish !

Richard Shaw ashawthing11 at ntlworld.com
Sat Aug 4 13:00:36 BST 2007

Does anybody have a BGT-11 ? What do you think of it ? Do I have a dud ? See
below for my experiences with it -


I took up the offer to buy the NaviGPS at the SOTM conference because I
liked the fact that it had a rechargeable battery and SD card. My Garmin
Geko uses batteries and has a limited memory.


I went geocaching last week and too both GPSs the Garmin kept a steady
signal for the complete 2 hours walk even when we walked through the woods.
The NaviGPS gave up at the first sign of a tree. 


It was strange because the satellites page showed that 10 satellites were
visible but the track page had a ? showing no position found.


Eventually after it had record just short of 4000 track points it record a
point with a timestamp of I4/I5/55 22:36 - after this it wouldn't record
anymore track information at all. When I got home I downloaded the track
(which caused the Navilink software to crash (fortunately it created a GPX
file first)) and then cleared the track history. It seems to be working


It's very slow to find a position when I turn it on - usually a couple of
minutes even though the satellite page shows that it can see at leave 4


It sometimes turns itself off. My cycle bracket hasn't arrived yet so I put
it in my back pocket and quite often when I take it out it has switched
itself off. I can't work out why. I did wonder if it turned itself off when
it hasn't had a position for X minutes, but there doesn't seem to be a
setting in the system menu for anything link this. 



Richard Shaw

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