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Shaun McDonald shaunmcdonald131 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 14:17:10 BST 2007

Hi Richard,

On 4 Aug 2007, at 13:00, Richard Shaw wrote:

> Does anybody have a BGT-11 ? What do you think of it ? Do I have a  
> dud ? See below for my experiences with it –

I have a GT-11, which is the non-GPS version.

I too have had some problems with it. I would check to see if you  
have the latest firmware installed.
They regularly release updates at
> I took up the offer to buy the NaviGPS at the SOTM conference  
> because I liked the fact that it had a rechargeable battery and SD  
> card. My Garmin Geko uses batteries and has a limited memory.
Unfortunately at the moment gpsbabel doesn't support the binary SiRF  
format that the NaviGPS supports. This means that I'm unable to get  
ahold of the Waypoints, since they are not stored inside the NMEA  
logs. Hopefully the storing of the Waypoints inside the NMEA logs as  
they are created on the SD card will come in a future firmware update.
> I went geocaching last week and too both GPSs the Garmin kept a  
> steady signal for the complete 2 hours walk even when we walked  
> through the woods. The NaviGPS gave up at the first sign of a tree.
I've found that some types of trees cause the NaviGPS to just lose  
the signal. It would be better, if it could cope easier with tree  
cover better, rather than just losing the signal completely. I do  
from time to time, get the log showing some very strange wandering,  
sometimes as much as 400 metres.
> It was strange because the satellites page showed that 10  
> satellites were visible but the track page had a ? showing no  
> position found.
Even so it can see the 10 satellites, it still needs to calculate the  
relative distances from them. If there is an error in the  
calculation, then it cannot give your position.
> Eventually after it had record just short of 4000 track points it  
> record a point with a timestamp of I4/I5/55 22:36 – after this it  
> wouldn’t record anymore track information at all. When I got home I  
> downloaded the track (which caused the Navilink software to crash  
> (fortunately it created a GPX file first)) and then cleared the  
> track history. It seems to be working again.
I'm currently recording the tracks on a 2GB SD card. There seems to  
be a conflict with something that Mac OS X writes to the disk and the  
firmware in the GPS, thus if the SD card is in read/write mode, then  
the next time I use the GPS, it corrupts the logs, and I only get the  
first 0.1 mile at walking/cycling pace. The current workaround, that  
seems to be working is to put the card into read-only mode when I  
copy the logs off the SD card when using Mac OS X. I'm also using  
setting where the maximum log size is 512KB. As this has been fairly  
reliable for the past few weeks, I've just changed the setting so  
that it will start a new log file every 2MB.
> It’s very slow to find a position when I turn it on – usually a  
> couple of minutes even though the satellite page shows that it can  
> see at leave 4 satellites.
It is normal for a cold start to take up to 4 minutes, assuming you  
are not next to a building. Usually it is between 1 and 2 minutes, as  
long as I've used it in the past few days. In areas where there are  
(especially tall) buildings, all GPSs will have problems. With a hot  
start, i.e. switch off go into a building for 10 or 30 minutes, then  
come out and turn it on at roughly the same spot as you turned it  
off, and it will take 5 seconds.
> It sometimes turns itself off. My cycle bracket hasn’t arrived yet  
> so I put it in my back pocket and quite often when I take it out it  
> has switched itself off. I can’t work out why. I did wonder if it  
> turned itself off when it hasn’t had a position for X minutes, but  
> there doesn’t seem to be a setting in the system menu for anything  
> link this.

If it is wholly in your pocket, I would expect it to not get a proper  
signal, and for it to accidentally/unexpectedly turn off. Since you  
don't have the bike clip, I would recommend getting a camera strap,  
since the NaviGPS has a hook for it. Then make sure that it is not  
hidden in your pocket. If I put it in my fleece pocket, it will not  
get a signal, it might get a signal if at the edge of the pocket.


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