[Talk-GB] NaviGPS is rubbish !

Dave_A_F d.a_web3 at fiddes.net
Sat Aug 4 17:01:02 BST 2007

No experience of the NaviGPS but to comment on where you carry it.

My experience with a Garmin Etrex is that carried in a pocket (shirt or
jacket ) with the screen pointing away from me gives better results than
if the screen is towards me.

On a bike I made a bracket to hold it on the handlebars and found in any
  poor reception areas I got a lot of breaks. These days I put it in
top of panier - face up and get much better coverage especially on tree
lined cycle tracks. I think on handlebars I was screening its view of 
part of sky as I leant forward.

These things really need a good view of the sky for reliable operation
and the fact that they give a display showing a number of satellites
when you have them in your hand face up but then lose the signal may
arise from the orientation of the aerial inside them - this was
consideration that lead to my experimenting and the way I now carry mine.


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